Christian Worldview

We equip students with a Biblical worldview, helping them to know God's character and thoughts so they become His heart and hands extended to the world.

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Valuing Tradition, Envisioning the Future

HCCA provides students with excellent studies while preserving our island culture and history.

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Classical Education

HCCA emphasizes the three stages of educational development, teaching solid factual foundations (grammar), focusing on sound reasoning and critical thinking skills (logic), and empowering students to express themselves with clarity and confidence (rhetoric).

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E Komo Mai - Welcome

Mission Statement:  The Hawaiian Classical Christian Academy educates youth in a historic Christian Worldview through a vigorous classical curriculum.  The goal of HCCA is to train and raise up ethical, passionate leaders and wise thinkers in the context of our Hawaiian culture who will shape their world by living their lives for the glory of God.

We are Hawaiian:  HCCA will teach the Hawaiian language and culture from grades K-8th (although we are not an immersion school).

We are Classical: Classical education such as grammar, logic (reasoning skills), rhetoric (persuasive speech), and Latin, are provided as formal classes and are integrated across the curriculum. 

We are Christian:  The Old and New Testament are integrated throughout all subject areas with the faculty made up of fervent believers. 

We are Unique:  The academy offers a 5 day track for full time students and a 2-3 day track for part time students that must then be supplemented by supervised adult involvement at home.  Our third track is an elective track on Fridays. 

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